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Official Star Wars Wii Anakin Replica Selling and selling Light-Up Ranking TOP3 Yoda Lightsaber

Official Star Wars Wii Anakin Yoda Light-Up Replica Lightsaber


Official Star Wars Wii Anakin Yoda Light-Up Replica Lightsaber

Product description

These Light-Up Lightsabers for Wii give you the ultimate Lightsaber experience! Authentic replicas of Anakin's blue and Yoda's green Lightsabers come complete with sculpted hilts unique to each character. The Wii Remote fits safely and easily into the Lightsaber’s handle while the On/Off LED feature produces a realistic light-up experience. Each lightsaber utilizes the exclusive POWER A "Twist and Lock" ring mechanism, allowing you to easily and securely assemble your Lightsaber for safe game play, and then disassemble for storage between games. Available in the Dueling Pack and individually. POWER A Light-Up Lightsabers are Authentic Star Wars items and are Officially Licensed by LucasFilm Ltd. Some assembly required. Wii Remote sold separately.

Official Star Wars Wii Anakin Yoda Light-Up Replica Lightsaber

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