Buckle,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/accountableness1200811.html,Platfor,T-Strap,Breathable,Classic,agentm.ru,Women's,Patent,$32,Oxfords Women's Classic Buckle T-Strap Recommended Oxfords Breathable Platfor Patent $32 Women's Classic Buckle T-Strap Oxfords Breathable Patent Platfor Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $32 Women's Classic Buckle T-Strap Oxfords Breathable Patent Platfor Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Women's Classic Buckle T-Strap Recommended Oxfords Breathable Platfor Patent Buckle,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/accountableness1200811.html,Platfor,T-Strap,Breathable,Classic,agentm.ru,Women's,Patent,$32,Oxfords

Women's Classic Buckle T-Strap Recommended Oxfords Breathable Fashion Platfor Patent

Women's Classic Buckle T-Strap Oxfords Breathable Patent Platfor


Women's Classic Buckle T-Strap Oxfords Breathable Patent Platfor

Product description

Women's Classic Buckle T-Strap Oxfords Breathable Patent Platform Brogue Mary Jane Shoes


Type: Womens Mary Janes

Upper Material: Patent

Toe style: Round Toe

Closure: Buckle

Occasion: Casual/Dress

Season: Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter

Size Chart

US Size 4.5 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 8 7/8 inch(22.5cm) = China Size 35

US Size 5 B(M) US = Heel to Toe 9 inch(23cm) = China Size 36

US Size 6 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 9 1/4 inch(23.5cm) = China Size 37

US Size 7 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 9 1/2 inch(24cm) = China Size 38

US Size 8 B(M) US = Heel to Toe 9 5/8 inch(24.5cm) = China Size 39

US Size 8.5 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 9 7/8 inch(25cm) = China Size 40

US Size 9 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 10 inch(25.5cm) = China Size 41

US Size 10 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 10 1/4 inch(26cm) = China Size 42

Please carefully refer to this size details to get a best match.

Women's Classic Buckle T-Strap Oxfords Breathable Patent Platfor

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