$21 URREA 6-Point Striking Wrench - 1” Flat Strike Wrench with Strai Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $21,1”,URREA,Striking,-,Flat,Strike,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,/art1200767.html,6-Point,Wrench,with,Strai,Wrench,agentm.ru URREA 6-Point Striking Popular brand in the world Wrench - Strike Strai with 1” Flat $21 URREA 6-Point Striking Wrench - 1” Flat Strike Wrench with Strai Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools URREA 6-Point Striking Popular brand in the world Wrench - Strike Strai with 1” Flat $21,1”,URREA,Striking,-,Flat,Strike,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,/art1200767.html,6-Point,Wrench,with,Strai,Wrench,agentm.ru

URREA ! Super beauty product restock quality top! 6-Point Striking Popular brand in the world Wrench - Strike Strai with 1” Flat

URREA 6-Point Striking Wrench - 1” Flat Strike Wrench with Strai


URREA 6-Point Striking Wrench - 1” Flat Strike Wrench with Strai

Product description


These box-end wrenches feature a strike zone. In comparison to regular box-end, obstruction, or combination wrenches, this wrench is designed to be stricken. It is mainly used in manufacturing operations and maintenance where you find heavy machinery and highly corrosive environments that may affect nut and bolt threads. The handle features a convenient radius that keeps the striking zone on a higher plane relative to the box-end’s plane, making it more comfortable and safe to strike. Its phosphatized BLACK finish protects it against corrosion and prevents any possible chrome particle shedding that may result from continuously being stricken. 6-point striking wrench, ideal for nuts with damaged edges and recommended for heavy-duty work, thanks to its bigger contact surface with the nut. These box1end wrenches feature a strike zone. In comparison to regular box1end, obstruction, or combination wrenches, this wrench is designed to be stricken. Its phosphatized BLACK finish protects it against corrosion.

URREA 6-Point Striking Wrench - 1” Flat Strike Wrench with Strai

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