Mountain Khakis Charlotte Mall Men's Trail Sleeve Shirt Long Creek Mountain,Sleeve,Creek,/art807167.html,Men's,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Khakis,Trail,,Shirt,Long,$52 $52 Mountain Khakis Men's Trail Creek Long Sleeve Shirt Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Mountain Khakis Charlotte Mall Men's Trail Sleeve Shirt Long Creek $52 Mountain Khakis Men's Trail Creek Long Sleeve Shirt Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Mountain,Sleeve,Creek,/art807167.html,Men's,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Khakis,Trail,,Shirt,Long,$52

Mountain Khakis Charlotte Mall Men's Trail Sleeve Shirt Long Import Creek

Mountain Khakis Men's Trail Creek Long Sleeve Shirt


Mountain Khakis Men's Trail Creek Long Sleeve Shirt

Product description

Got performance? This shirt does. Inspired by Trail Creek - the gateway to Teton Pass' year-round recreation - this shirt is designed to hike, bike, fish, explore and more. UPF 4+ (blocks 98% UVB rays). Vented back. Flip-n-snap collar for added sun protection and no flapping in wind. Roll-tab sleeves stay in place. Sunglass chamois sewn into waist hem. Imported. 100% poly. Relaxed fit.

Mountain Khakis Men's Trail Creek Long Sleeve Shirt

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