Mar,/comprehensible806894.html,King,Marble,$37,Gray,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Set,,Marble,Gold,Bedding,White,Set,Comforter $37 Marble Comforter Set King White Gold Marble Bedding Set Gray Mar Home Kitchen Bedding Marble Comforter Set King Max 80% OFF White Gold Gray Mar Bedding Mar,/comprehensible806894.html,King,Marble,$37,Gray,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Set,,Marble,Gold,Bedding,White,Set,Comforter $37 Marble Comforter Set King White Gold Marble Bedding Set Gray Mar Home Kitchen Bedding Marble Comforter Set King Max 80% OFF White Gold Gray Mar Bedding

Marble Comforter Set King Max 80% OFF White Gold Gray Mar Sale item Bedding

Marble Comforter Set King White Gold Marble Bedding Set Gray Mar


Marble Comforter Set King White Gold Marble Bedding Set Gray Mar

Product Description

White Gold Marble Geometric Comforter Set(TIPS:Twin size has only 1 pillowcase)


Package Include:

Twin size: 1 Duvet Cover (68" x 90") amp; 1 Pillowcase (20" x 26").

Queen size: 1 Duvet Cover (90" x 90") amp; 2 Pillowcases (20" x 26").

King size: 1 Duvet Cover (104" x 90") amp; 2 Pillowcases (20" x 36").



Warm Tips: As the package compression will produce wrinkles, low temperature drying can be used to help eliminate wrinkles, and the quilt will become very fluffy and soft .


Envelope Pillowcases

Envelope pillowcases make you more easier to put the pillowcases in and out.




White Gold Marble Duvet Cover Set 4
Marble Duvet Cover Set Marble Quilt Set
Material Microfiber Microfiber
Type Duvet Cover Set Quilt Set Bedspread

Marble Comforter Set King White Gold Marble Bedding Set Gray Mar

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