2UNDR Mens Night Shift Underwear Boxer New color Brief 6" $24 2UNDR Mens Night Shift 6" Boxer Brief Underwear Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men 2UNDR,$24,Night,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Mens,6",/genecologic531754.html,agentm.ru,Underwear,Brief,Boxer,Shift 2UNDR Mens Night Shift Underwear Boxer New color Brief 6" 2UNDR,$24,Night,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Mens,6",/genecologic531754.html,agentm.ru,Underwear,Brief,Boxer,Shift $24 2UNDR Mens Night Shift 6" Boxer Brief Underwear Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

2UNDR Mens Night Shift Limited time sale Underwear Boxer New color Brief 6

2UNDR Mens Night Shift 6" Boxer Brief Underwear


2UNDR Mens Night Shift 6" Boxer Brief Underwear

Product description



Using the most advanced construction techniques, the Night Shift features a new innovative laser-cut Joey Pouch design that simplifies the construction of the most important area of the product. The ultra-soft micro-nylon waistband is sonic welded to remove stitching for a seamless fit and feel. Combining all these methods with the silky nylon/poly blend keeps you comfy and dry for those sultry nights when expectations run high.


Silky nylon/poly blend Perfect for everyday wear.


The Joey Pouch is a soft and comfortable environment for your most valuable assets. Constructed with premium fabrics, the pouch delivers the perfect fit while preventing unwanted skin contact (Patent-Pending). 


A good band can make all the difference. 2UNDR uses the highest quality yarn in our roll-resistant waistbands. Sonic welded ultra-soft micro-nylon waistband. 



The Stitching provides the highest quality finish with a seamless look and feel. Our flat locked stitching and construction seams are intelligently designed to avoid potential rub zones.


Always separate the whites from the darks and wash separately

Wash with cold to warm water, not hot.

Machine wash on the delicate cycle.


BEST: Air dry in the shade. Yes, seriously.

IN A JAM?: Tumble dry on the cool to warm fluffing cycle and remove immediately after.

2UNDR Mens Night Shift 6" Boxer Brief Underwear

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