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ERB 61527 S375 Class 3 Easy-to-use Zip Lime Safety Sweat Louisville-Jefferson County Mall X-Large Up Shirt

ERB 61527 S375 Class 3 Zip Up Safety Sweat Shirt, Lime, X-Large


ERB 61527 S375 Class 3 Zip Up Safety Sweat Shirt, Lime, X-Large

Product description


From the Manufacturer

Designed for high traffic areas over 55 mph such as roadway construction, personal flaggers, utility workers, survey crew and emergency response personal. This class 3 windbreaker provides for the highest level of visibility, and it is intended for workers who face serious hazards and often have high task loads that require attention away from their work. Enjoy warmth and visibility in this comfortable sweatshirt ANSI-certified. Conforms to ANSI/ISEA 107 standard for design, color and reflectivity.

From the manufacturer

ERB 61527 S375 Class 3 Zip Up Safety Sweat Shirt, Lime, X-Large

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