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onlymaker Women's Stiletto Weave Brand new Sandals High Open Max 88% OFF Lac Heels Toe

onlymaker Women's Stiletto Weave Sandals Open Toe High Heels Lac


onlymaker Women's Stiletto Weave Sandals Open Toe High Heels Lac

Product Description

onlymaker Women’s High Heeled Stiletto Braided Strappy Sandals



Onlymaker shoes symbolize a lover, as the saying goes “marriage is like shoes do not fit me, only oneself know.” Onlymaker handcraft all the shoes and aims to ensure them meet with the utmost criteria for elegance, comfort and quality.


Strappy white braided stiletto sandal

  • Strappy high heeled is a youthful vitality series that makes you look younger and more beautiful.
  • Heel Height: 4.0 inch Heel design providing stable support for you.
  • Rubber sole: Offering you a comfortable day.
  • Open toe sandals features a comfortable heel, strappy ankle strap slip on style, easy on and off.
  • From dresses to skirts of any length, jeans , shorts, these sandals can fit any outfit.

strappy white


strappy black


strappy white


strappy black

onlymaker Women's Stiletto Weave Sandals Open Toe High Heels Lac

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