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LUCKY STEP Air Cushion Running Genuine Free Shipping Shoes Tennis Lightweight Max 80% OFF Fashion

LUCKY STEP Air Cushion Running Tennis Shoes Lightweight Fashion


LUCKY STEP Air Cushion Running Tennis Shoes Lightweight Fashion

Product Description

air cushion fashion sneakers

About US

LUCKY STEP is a fashion brand, specializing in lady sneakers, perfectly combining comfort and fashion.Our designers are detailed not only in fashion but also in comfort. We understand the importance of being out and about cosy.which satisfied woman's love and pursuit of fashion, life taste and comfort.

Now our company is one of the main suppliers of lady fashion casual shoes and life style sport shoes.


We love animals as much as you do! No animals were hurt during the production of these shoes. They are made with 100% vegan materials from top to sole are all from man made materials. We only work with and carry manufacturers or brands that are very environmentally conscious!

breathe freely and lightweight

we launched this classic, all-match, non slip, lightweight, breathable, durable and affordable running shoes.

Give them to yourself, family or friends In this wonderful time. It is not just a pair of shoes, but a positive energy, a future, a love.


You can choose the size according to the length of your foot.

6 B(M) = 24cm(about 9.45”)

7 B(M) = 24.7cm(about 9.72”)

8 B(M)= 25.3cm(about 9.96”)

8.5 B(M)= 26cm(about 10.24”)

9 B(M) = 26.7cm(about 10.51”)

10 B(M)=27.3cm(about 10.75”)

LUCKY STEP Air Cushion Running Tennis Shoes Lightweight Fashion

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